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Title I: ATLAS qualifies to receive this federal funding. These funds are given to schools with a high percentage of students that receive Free/Reduced priced meals. Federal funds are given to help schools implement a school-wide plan and help all students meet state and national standards.

ASES Program: After school services are provided at the end of each school day. Families who qualify and have children in grades 1 – 5 are eligible. Targeted children are those who need more academic supports. The focus of the program is to provide after school child care along with homework assistance, tutoring, enrichment activities and supervised recreational activities. For more information call the school and ask for the ASES Coordinator.

Special Education: Our Special Education Program includes students with various disabilities in regular education classes. The educational placement of these students depends on the nature and severity of their disabilities and educational needs. The special education students at ATLAS are serviced in small group classes and are included into regular education classes as much as possible.

English Language Learner (ELL): The ELL program is designed for students whose primary language is not English. The goal of the program is to develop the students' communication competency in the English language to a level which will allow the students to function successfully academically, socially, and culturally with their peer group level. .

Leader In Me: The Leader in Me (LIM) program with its 7 Habits of Happy Kids grows students who are confident, capable, courageous, collaborative, organized, and kind. ATLAS is a Lighthouse School, one of the top 10% leadership schools in the world.

Student Lighthouse: The Student Lighthouse (akin to student council) plans many of the extracurricular activities for the school population. Representatives from grades 4 – 5 are encouraged to participate in Student Lighthouse.

Student Recognition: Assemblies are held to recognize those students who have performed well in school (citizenship, academics, innovation, or other areas stressed by the school) and/or made significant progress in their goals.

Technology: The program is to develop technologically literate students with capabilities to function in an information age. ATLAS is a school with 1-1 devices for students and staff.

Enrichment: All students at ATLAS are involved in enrichment programs. They participate in activities designed to challenge their specific talents. Some enrichment programs are available only to specific grade levels. Areas for enrichment activities may vary according to the area emphasized by the school. Examples may be in Language Arts, Technology, Multi-Media, Music, Art, Physical Education, Science, Math, Cooking, etc.